What Is The Lifespan of Spray Foam Roof

SPF, short for spray polyurethane foam, is a material that’s commonly used today as a roofing material. This is a new method and material to install insulation in the home. Previously, roofs had to be made out of asphalt shingles and the like to be built. While this proved to be effective, it had its downsides. For example, such solutions can be incredibly expensive, making it an investment that’s hard to swallow. Fortunately, SPF roofing is affordable, not to mention incredibly effective!

That being said, if there is anything that may worry you about any SPF roofing solution, it would be the lifespan of spray foam roof. After all, since it is foam, it won’t last long as a roofing material like steel, right? While that might be true in some cases, this doesn’t mean SPF roofs don’t last long at all.

Before we show you exactly how long SPF roofs last, let us first delve deeper into what SPF is.

What Is SPF Roofing?

As we mentioned earlier, SPF stands for spray polyurethane foam. It pairs foam with an elastomeric coating for extra protection, and that elastomeric coating can be made out of anything like acrylic, silicone, and even polyurethane. Although this coating adds to the roof’s durability, it increases the roof’s lifespan more so by preventing UV rays from damaging the roof. It also helps to improve the look of the SPF roof, not to mention add to the durability against abrasion while improving fire resistance.

With that in mind, an SPF roof is generally applied by mixing the liquid form of the roofing solution, which is jetted out through a spray. The solution turns to foam, and contractors generally apply around half an inch to over an inch worth of foam depending on slope or insulation requirements.

How Long Precisely Do SPF Roofs Last?

When talking about the SPF roof’s lifespan, it typically depends on the quality of the application job and how well it is maintained. Given that the SPF roof is applied professionally and is maintained well, the roof can easily last over 50 years. Now, that may not be as much as steel roofs, but it is pretty close. Plus, maintaining SPF roofs are quite straightforward. They only need to be inspected twice every year, which is during spring and in fall. If any damage were found then or even anytime throughout the year, there is no tear-off of existing materials that need to be done. All it takes to fix a problem is to respray the roof and apply a new coat to the current system.


As you can see, SPF roofing can last an incredibly long time, well past 50 years, if treated well. Pair that with the fact that it is easy to maintain, it is easy to see why so many people opt for it. That being said, understand that not all buildings will not be eligible for an SPF roof. You will need to have a professional come and analyze your property, whether it be residential or commercial, to see if an SPF solution can be used. If possible, they will let you know what kind of applications can be done to maximize the installation’s effectiveness.

Regardless, if you are eligible for an SPF roof, go for it. It lasts long, acts as excellent insulation, and is much more affordable than many other roofing solutions out there! Just be sure to work with a reputable company to ensure you get the best SPF roof application possible.

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