The SPF Installation Process Explained

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is rigid foam insulation with excellent thermal insulating value, good moisture resistance, and adhesion. It can expand and contract across temperature areas thanks to its elastic properties. This insulation is also termed “rubber” because its appearance is similar to that of rubber once hardened. You will experience many benefits of choosing SPF insulation for your home.

For one, its inner polyurethane construction makes it resistant to wear and tear, protecting your home from pests. The SPF installation process needs to be done by professionals as you need special tools and skills for this purpose. Before you have SPF installed, knowing the process will be helpful.

SPF Installation Process

The process begins with spraying out a 3-inch thick layer on the roof, working from the bottom to the top. After that, the layer is left to sit for a day before rolling to give it time to expand. Since SPF is closed cell insulation, it must be rolled to allow air to flow through it. The roll is left for at least a week before unrolling again. This means that the roof is ready for its last layer. The SPF roofing is then lifted before it’s attached with nails. 

Spray Foam Application

The way SPF is sprayed is unique. SPF has two components: resin and hardener. Both are mixed together in the tank, and the machine has to be set according to the thickness and the temperature of the SPF. When the tank is empty and the machine has been cleaned, the foam can then be applied. The process also requires a special nozzle, which you can find in stores.

Finishing SPF Roofing

The finishing SPF layer is applied just after the attic is complete. It is applied from the bottom and must sit for at least 24 hours to set and harden. Once it has hardened, the expansion joint between the roof and the attic is sealed to offer a complete seal and better insulation.

The Benefits of SPF Roofing

SPF is ideal for many reasons. It gives you quick results, with the time between application and the completion of the job being just a few days. Since the application is not that complicated, it takes two days to complete a flat roof and only three days for a standard roof. 

SPF is also non-flammable and offers good insulation value. It’s also resistant to fungi and mold, so it’s essential for keeping harmful substances out of your home. The product is also available in a wide variety of colors, so it blends in nicely with the rest of your home. 

Lastly, it is energy-efficient. According to studies, the average period you can get ROI for an SPF roof is within five years. According to Energy Star, since SPF increases home insulation, that can also provide you up to 20% savings on your monthly energy bills.

A Roof That’s Kinder to Your Budget and the Environment

Knowing SPF installation process will give you an overview of how it’s done, so you know what to expect. Are you ready to switch to more energy-efficient roofing today? 

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