3 Dangers of Using a DIY SPF Kits

Many homeowners are becoming more confident in their ability to perform Do-It-Yourself repairs and renovations to their homes, such as DIY SPF kits. With the accessibility of hardware products and instructional videos on the Internet to guide them, they can sometimes feel that they can perform any renovation job.

These DIY hardware products, however, aren’t always as easy to use and safe to handle. Products such as DIY SPF kits can be dangerous, especially to people who aren’t familiar with using it.

The Dangers of DIY SPF kits.

Safety is the primary concern when it comes to the use of consumer-grade DIY SPF kits. Although these store-bought kits are made to be easy-to-use for consumers, the level of chemicals that they contain is similar to industry-grade kits.

In this article, we share three safety concerns in using Do-It-Yourself Spray Polyurethane Foam Kits for you to consider:

Using DIY SPF Kits without precaution may cause severe medical complications

Regardless of a DIY SPF kits’ low price, you should be wary about handling the material as it can be toxic to your body. If SPF manages to get inside your body, it can cause lung blockage that will create temporary and even permanent breathing difficulties. 

Not having the right gear to protect you from its toxic content can also lead you to spend high medical bills on treating its harmful effects on your body. Thankfully enough, professional SPF applicators won’t run into this safety hazard because they’re adequately equipped with the right tools and gear to handle treatments.

It may not be labeled properly by online sellers

SPF can come in one of two types: open and closed-cell SPG. Open-cell expands to fill empty spaces nominally, which then allows it to grow with enough tension to seal up passages of air draft. Closed-cell, on the other hand, doesn’t work well with open spaces since it expands at a slower rate compared to its counterpart. Instead, it hardens as thick as concrete, which makes it excellent for reinforcing your property’s exteriors.

If your purpose of using SPF is to improve insulation in your property, open-cell SPF will be your best option. Unfortunately, online resellers of DIY SPF kits can sometimes fail to indicate if they’re selling an open or closed-cell solution, which can cause you to purchase the wrong product for your needs.

It requires training to handle properly

What typically attracts consumers to purchase DIY SPF kits is its low price. If you want to use SPF for insulation improvements on your property, it’s recommended that you wear goggles, face masks, gloves, and long-sleeves to avoid contamination.

Following these safety procedures should prevent you from the use of SPF. However, this doesn’t remove the fact that it can be highly toxic when mishandled. Hiring a specialist to perform your insulation job is a better way to avoid making mistakes, while also making sure that you are free from being affected by the detrimental effects on your body.


Although it may be tempting to perform home renovations on your own, it’s important to remember why experts, such as building contractors and SPF applicants, are hired for their services. Their professional handling of the different tools allows them to perform any job with safety and precision, especially when it comes to using dangerous materials.

When it comes to handling insulation jobs that require the use of SPF, we have a team of reliable SPF specialists in San Francisco that will get the job done. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll provide top quality products and services backed with a 15-year warranty!