Spray-on Foam Insulation: Preparing In 3 Easy Steps

A successful spray-on foam insulation installation job starts with proper preparation. The task of applying insulation may seem simple, but the truth is that it’s easy to overspray if the job site hasn’t been properly prepared. 

Working with a professional company like ours means you’re ensuring proper installation from start to finish. Our team starts every job by protecting existing fixtures such as windows, doors, tubs, and more with plastic sheeting so that spray-on insulation is not applied to any of these surfaces. Once everything is prepped, we begin spraying and sealing every nook and cranny! 

Before our job begins, though, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure the best quality end result. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Clear Areas That Will Be Accessed

Spray insulation can’t be applied properly when huge items block vertical and horizontal access in the job area. Since a horizontal ladder would have to be resting on the surface that is to be sprayed, most teams use scaffolding to access the areas they need to. 

Prior to the arrival of the team, it’s wise to clear the areas that will need to be accessed. Remember that equipment will be coming in, so your driveway should be cleared and the way into the home accessible. Insulation is installed during the building process, so you might have bags of cement, tools, and dumpsters lying around. This is understandable, but it’s important to make sure a way is cleared for the team to enter and complete the job efficiently.

Step 2: Ensure Other Systems and Proper Backing Installation is Complete

Insulation is only installed after the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work is done. Booking an appointment earlier will just be a waste of your money! Make sure the soffits, knee walls, and other backing details are complete before we arrive. 

It’s important to remember that insulation will be filling all the available space, so filling any gaps must be done beforehand. You don’t want the insulation to come out on the other side! Try to perform a rudimentary check and use canned spray foam to seal any gaps to ensure maximum results. This is a critical step that should be done correctly.

Step 3: Ensure a Safe, Compliant Working Site

Last but not least, every work site should be safe and compliant. The team installing your installation will need to be moving a hose around, adjusting scaffolding, and insulating every square inch of your roof. Any unfinished areas can pose risks. Therefore, make sure any open areas such as stairwells have proper safety railings installed to OSHA specifications. Ensuring the site is safe minimizes the chances of work-related injuries and related liabilities—and it keeps our team safe!


Spray foam roofing systems provide your home with better insulation, helping to regulate temperature and keep your utility bills low. However, there are important things to do before your installation appointment begins to ensure the best results. Working with reliable spray foam roofing contractors is the best way to produce great results, so make sure you choose the right contractor before beginning!

If you’re looking for a residential or commercial spray foam roofing contractor in California to install an SPF-friendly roofing system, make sure to hire professionals from American Foam Experts. Our team can handle any repairs, installations, and maintenance checks. Contact us today at 855-362-6123 and get a free quote!