How Spray Foam Will Increase the Value of Your Home

As most people would agree, one cannot make all of the money they put into home renovations back, let alone profit, when selling the house. This is true for many home improvements, such as a kitchen renovation or a new room installation. The returns are not there, albeit pushing the home’s value up a bit. However, a handful of home upgrades make the property’s value higher than what was initially invested, and one of those upgrades is spray foam insulation.

Wondering how spray foam will increase the value of your home? Keep on reading:

Spray Foam Enhances Efficiency

Some installations in a home consume a lot of electricity, and a prominent example is the HVAC system. HVAC typically runs often and eats up a lot of power to keep the home comfortable. This happens because the internal temperatures of the house keep on fluctuating, and the HVAC needs to address these changes to keep the home comfortable. Fortunately, this is where spray foam insulation comes in.

Spray foam insulation can increase the home’s energy efficiency by simply helping the walls maintain the internal temperatures much more. This reduces the load on the HVAC system, which ultimately means less power consumed to keep the home cozy. Also, this means more savings for homeowners, and one can expect up to 40% of energy expenses saved each month! Closed-cell spray foam insulation has an R-value of 5.5 to 7 per inch, which, simply put, means it is excellent at insulating the house.

Superior Noise Reduction

Many homeowners dream of a home they can shut themselves in and be free from all the cares of the world. A part of this is to try and shut off any unnecessary noise from the outside world, allowing individuals to live in peace and quietness. Unfortunately, this isn’t meant to be for many homeowners, especially those living in busy areas. From the sounds of cars honking to the gurgling of the pipes, these noises can drive anyone mad. Fortunately, spray foam insulation does so much more than insulate the house. It also helps to reduce noise!

Spray foam insulation acts a lot like soundproofing. It works by filling small cracks and gaps in the walls, absorbing sound waves. This results in a much quieter home, and although not entirely free from noise, it is much quieter and more private than without spray foam insulation. Such improvement is a massive benefit to many homeowners, and buyers will pay a premium for such a benefit!

Protection Against Nature

A home isn’t only about peace and quiet. It is also about safety, and families who are bringing up young children will know this well. The home is supposed to act as a haven for children to grow up, and parents would want to do whatever it takes to create a safe environment for their kids to be in. Apart from that, keeping the home safe from damage is also one of their top priorities, and spray foam insulation can help do that.

Spray foam insulation is a great solution to enhance a home’s safety and protection. Thanks to the foam’s ability to fill even the most minor crack, issues like water damage can be avoided. This prevents other issues like mold and bacterial growth, keeping the home safe from unnecessary risk of harm.


Simply put, if you want to look for a type of home upgrade that’s not only affordable but also provides your home with so many benefits, spray foam will increase the value of your home. Many have praised this solution as an excellent way to improve their home’s comfort, quiet levels, and safety, and if you do not have spray foam insulation installed in your house yet, it’s time to take action. This upgrade is something every homeowner wants, and when you put your home up for sale with this upgrade already implemented, buyers will be more than happy to pay extra for your property!

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