5 Simple Reasons to Get a Spray Foam Roof

If you’ve been considering doing some repairs and maintenance to the roof of your home, maybe it’s time you consider a spray foam roof. It’s a form of roofing that makes use of foam material that creates a solid layer across your roof. This is done to bolster your roof’s durability and make it withstand further climate issues for a few more years. 

If you aren’t convinced getting a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) installation done, then here are five major reasons why you need it for your home’s roofing.

A Spray Foam Rood Produces the Best Insulation

When we’re talking about R-value, Spray polyurethane foam proves to have the highest value. This means that you will only need to use a few materials and resources to keep your home snug and comfortable when it comes to warm days.

SPF has an R-value of 6.6 per inch of thickness, compared to other roofing insulations which require the use of more materials. As such, SPF roofing makes great protection over your homes.

Spray Foam Roof Requires Only a Small Amount of Construction

If you’re planning to install Spray Foam Roof, a professional must first assess any wet insulation that may cause damage to your roof. Through the use of an infrared camera, they can determine your situation. If it’s above 25% worth of damage, then the worst-case scenario is having to take out your entire roof—forcing you to buy a new one.

This, in turn, also ends up being harmful to the environment, because you’re just adding to the toxic landfills. In cases where you don’t have to deal with a high amount of saturation on your roof, then all you have to do is deal with the wet areas of your roof and apply SPF roofing over it to completely seal it off.

A Spray Foam Roof is Energy-Efficient

Not only is an SPF roofing budget-friendly, but it’s energy-efficient as well. This helps you cut back on costs and allows you to help save the environment as well.

A spray foam makes use of a silicone coating that can protect you from the sun’s UV rays, so the foam itself won’t be laid out directly under the sun. Due to its light color—which is usually white or gray—it reflects the heat of the sun even more than if you’d make use of a darker-colored roof.

A Spray Foam Roof is Eco-Friendly

SPF is created using chemicals that are proven to be more sustainable, making it a viable solution against harmful toxins that add to global warming. It’s made up of zero ozone-depleting potential, low-level volatile organic compounds, and is free of chlorofluorocarbons.

SPF is a Sustainable Roofing Solution

Instead of having to deal with reroofing every couple of years, with the help of a spray foam roof all you have to do is reapply coating over it. Not only does it minimize your contribution to waste, but you also get to take care of your roofing repairs seamlessly as well.

With the help of SPF roofing, you get to fill in cracks and holes in your roof and take care of a number of minimal repairs, all the while not having to worry about replacing the whole thing. 


If you’re considering turning to biodegradable ways to help the environment, starting with your household is a good idea. A low impact spray foam roof could already be considered a big step towards helping conserve the environment.

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