Essential Lessons: How Long Does Spray Foam Insulation Last?

If you’re beginning to sway towards a foam roof solution, here is everything you need to know about how it works and how long spray foam insulation lasts. 

Most homeowners who are opposed to foam roofing aren’t likely familiar with the science behind it. On the other hand, commercial building owners know the durability of a spray foam roof system. Spray foam roofs are made with thick, closed-cell polyurethane that tolerates walking and a fair amount of water damage. These robust sealants coat forms around penetrations in pipes and vents, protecting against leaks. 

Make Your Spray Foam Insulation Last

If you’re spending a large sum on any commercial or residential structure, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your hefty paycheck. Spray foam roofing is popular for that very reason. Here are the pros to ensure spray foam insulation lasts. 

  • Installation is Easy

    As its title suggest, this type of roofing is sprayed on by a professional. As such, contracting jobs are quick and inexpensive—they also won’t interfere with your daily business.

  • You Save on Energy Bills

    Spray foam roofing doesn’t just keep harsh rays from penetrating the surfaces beneath it—it also acts as a significant moisture barrier for your roof. It’s thermally capable, reflecting UV rays during the summer and keeping warm air in during the winter.Insulation-wise, spray foam roofing boasts the highest R-value per inch, ideal for structures in areas with extreme weather conditions. Plus, spray foam roofing is the best way to stop a water leak. This is one of the top pros that make spray foam insulation last.

  • Maintenance is Straightforward

    Most spray foam insulation lasts upwards of fifty years with little maintenance. However, this isn’t to say you can do without it entirely. Always schedule an annual inspection, particularly after a bout of harsh weather. If there is any damage to your roof, a specialist can simply spray on a new coat.

  • It’s Seamless and Waterproof

    The spraying nature of a foam roof means it comes without seams. If there are existing cracks and gaps in your roof, spray foam can seal it up without a problem.

  • It’s Sustainable

    When applied onto an existing roof, spray foam requires little to no tear-off and creates minimum waste. The spray foam itself comprises environmentally-friendly materials such as ODP, VOCs, CFCs, and GWP.

  • It Doesn’t Rot

    Open-cell spray foams with spongy textures allow water to pass through, preventing rot from occurring on your roof. You can boost its efficiency and ability to seal by venting it correctly, helping your spray foam insulation last longer.

What You Should Look Out for with Spray Roofing

To ensure your spray foam insulation lasts, you’ll want to get installation right the first time to avoid costly repairs and unforeseen incidents. Though there is hardly any equipment involved, you’ll always want to work with an experienced contractor. Learn the following downsides to spray roofing to ensure the best possible application. 

  • Installation Options are Limited

    When installing your spray roof, it’ll have to be on a day when surrounding conditions are ideal. That means no dampness, frost, ice, snow, or hail!

  • There is Potential for Overspray

    Spray roofing is robust—overspray shouldn’t be a problem, right? Unfortunately, overspray may contaminate surrounding surfaces, especially on a windy day.

  • Repairs Aren’t Always Accurate

    On the minus side, spray roofing isn’t as resistant to punctures as other types of roofing. Thus, damage can be challenging to repair if you aren’t working with someone licensed and reliable.


Ultimately, spray foam roofing is an excellent way to reduce energy bills, waterproof your structure, and provide structural integrity at a cost-effective price. Installation is also flexible and easy to customize to your specific needs. 

For residential or commercial spray foam roofing that doesn’t disappoint, enlist our specialists’ help at American Foam Experts. Our ultimate goal is to provide safe roofing applications that lower your energy costs all-year-round. We’ll do everything we can to help your spray foam insulation last for decades.