Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing – Roof Waterproofing & Insulation in One


Spray Foam Insulation Intro

We could talk all day about the benefits of polyurethane foam spray (SPF) roofing. (In fact, we do talk about it all day. Just ask our families!) But today we want to focus on two of the most budget-friendly reasons we have to love spray foam insulation: roof waterproofing and insulation.

Waterproof Your Home

With most roofing systems, it’s possible to spring a leak anywhere you have a seam or a penetration. But spray foam insulation takes that risk away.

How does it do that? SPF is a plastic that starts out as a liquid, then becomes a solid very quickly. It expands to cover your entire existing roof, roof deck, and substrate. Since it starts as a liquid, it fills all the cracks, gaps, and holes. Then it hardens into a solid, waterproof roof that will keep you dry for decades.

In addition, the malleability of the spray foam insulation means that we can shape and level out your roof. This decreases the chances of ponding water. And the spray polyurethane foam roof will expand and contract with the heat and cold, just like your house does.

This means that no cracks or splits will develop over time.

Think about how much money you could save in maintenance and repairs!

spray foam insulation

Insulate with Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the term “R-value.” Nobody? You mean you guys aren’t all insulation nerds like us? That’s OK, we’d love to explain it to you.

In the construction industry, the R-value of a material is the measure of how well that material resists the flow of heat. The bigger the R-value, the greater the resistance. Here’s what that means in plain English: materials with high R-values are better insulators.

The R-value for spray foam is 6.5 per inch. For cheaper materials like fiberglass and cellulose, it’s only 3.5 to 3.7 per inch. That’s quite a difference. In addition, the silicone top coating is great at resisting UV light. This not only protects the foam from the elements but also reduces heat absorption.

So the foam keeps heat out of your home in the summer and in your home in the winter. That leads to lower heating and cooling bills.

SPF Roofing Saves You Money

Let’s face it. A new roof can be expensive. Shouldn’t you choose one that will pay you back? SPF is cost-effective because it’s more than just a roof. It’s a roofing, insulation, and waterproofing system all in one.

Want to know more? Give us a call, and we’ll give you a free estimate for your commercial or residential spray polyurethane foam roof today.