3 Lessons About Roofing Contractors You Can Learn From Superheroes

Our favorite superheroes have been teaching us for decades– and those superhero lessons can be applied to roofing contractors. We’ve all spent plenty of Saturday mornings glued to cartoons. But you can’t walk away from the show or the comic book without learning something important too.

Heroes like Captain America, Batman, and Ironman have important lessons to impart. They teach us wisdom, virtue, and even how to choose a good roofing contractor. (OK, that last one wasn’t in any of the comics, but bear with us. We’re going somewhere with this.)

Qualities Roofing Contractors Should Have

1. Superman– Roofing contractors follow the law.

If ever there was a hero who believed in truth and justice, it’s Superman. Not only is he kind, but Superman is also impossible to manipulate and exercises tremendous self-control. And when a villain breaks the law, he’s there to save the day.

In fact, one of his greatest qualities, aside from superpowers, is his dedication to doing what’s right.

And one of the most important attributes of a good roofing contractor is they check all the legal boxes. What does that mean?

Check to make sure they have a state or county roofing license. If you’re dealing with a legitimate company, they should have no problem producing their license for you to inspect. And if they can do that, you can feel confident that their work will comply with local building codes.

2. Batman–Stay local.

True superhero fans always dig into the origin story, and we’re no different. For Batman, that story starts with Bruce Wayne, an ordinary human child born to very rich and charitable parents in Gotham City. He becomes Batman after he witnesses his parents’ murder and decides he’ll dedicate his life to keeping his city safe. He’s a good hero because he cares about his hometown.

In the roofing business, we like to take care of our neighbors too. When you hire a local roofer, not only are you supporting your community. You’re also getting the benefit of a roofing contractor who knows your home.

In our area, many people have Eichler or Streng homes. They have flat or low-pitched roofs. Those homes have vastly different roofing needs than one with a gable or hip roof shape.

Having your contractor nearby also helps if you need emergency roof repairs or a last-minute replacement. And it’s easier to check their past work.

If a roofing contractor does regular work in your neighborhood, there’s a good chance they’ve worked for someone you know.

3. Spiderman–Heroes accept responsibility.

Perhaps the most well-known line from any Spider-man movie or comic came from Peter Parker’s dying Uncle Ben. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

When you hire a roofing contractor, you want to know that they are ready to accept responsibility if something goes wrong. The only way you can be sure of this is to check on their insurance coverage, including liability and workers’ compensation.

Every employer is legally required to carry workers’ comp, and it’s especially important for roofers because the job is so risky. Not every state requires contractors to carry liability insurance, but it’s still a good idea.

Not only does it protect the roofer, but it allows the homeowner to rest easy knowing that if the contractor accidentally damages your property, the damage is covered.