Discover The Dos and Don’ts of Home Insulation

The process of home insulation can be pretty complicated. From deciding which type of insulation is ideal to making certain that it’s properly installed, there are many things that can go wrong that you definitely want to avoid.

To help you make the best decisions possible, we’ve outlined a few dos and don’ts about home insulation that you should know about. Find out what those are in the sections below.

On Pricing

DO: Take the time to consider the long term

You will have several options of home insulation material to choose from. Each one is designed in a certain way that can affect both its effectiveness and longevity. This means that you should be considerate of these factors so that you can make the best decision for your home.

DON’T: Opt for the cheapest one just to save a few bucks

On the flip side, be careful about basing your decision purely on price. Cheap and inefficient home insulation materials can mean that you’d have to spend more on electricity bills to maintain a comfortable environment in your home.

On Air Flow

DO: Remember to watch out for leaks

Proper home insulation won’t be possible if there are any gaps in the material. This means that you need to be careful about air leaks, particularly around the upper portions of your home. Make sure you ask whoever is installing your insulation to check for these holes.

DON’T: Block air ducts and vents

It’s important that great care is taken when applying insulation around air ducts and other types of ventilation systems. A good home insulation company will have the proper safeguards in place to ensure that these aren’t affected by the application.

On Fire Safety

DO: Ask about fire safety guidelines

Some types of home insulation material, such as insulation foam, are considered flammable. Remember to ask the installation technician about what potential fire hazards you have to be mindful of so that your don’t put your home at risk.

DON’T: Forget about these guidelines

To emphasize how important this is, please be reminded that fire safety should be a top priority during the installation process as well as after it. Make sure you are aware of the dangers so you can minimize the likelihood of them occurring.

On Replacement

DO: Remember to replace your insulation when necessary

All home insulation materials have expected lifespans. Find out what these are so that you know when you would need to have your insulation removed and reinstalled.

DON’T: Forget about early warning signs

Sometimes, however, your home’s insulation might not meet its expected lifespan. This can cause all sorts of different problems such as temperature fluctuations, strange drafts, and excess moisture in the air. Keep an eye out for these signs so that you can act accordingly.


Remember that home insulation plays a significant role in your overall comfort and quality of life, as well as those of your family. Keep these considerations in mind so that you can be certain that your insulation is in top condition and your family’s needs are upheld.

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