The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Foam Roof Repair

Foam Roof Repair

Part of the reason that we love foam roofing so much is that it’s made from such durable material. If you maintain it properly by cleaning it and applying new foam roof coating every 10-15 years, a good foam roof could last you over 50 years. In this post, we’re going to dig into the topic of foam roof repair.

That’s more than twice as long as asphalt or fiber cement shingles. And we’ve got wood shake roofs beat by a good 20 years.

But just like anything else, the material can be damaged. If your roof has recently seen a storm (or perhaps a critter or two!), then you should check for cracks, holes and the like. If you’re a do it yourself kind of person, then you might choose to make the foam roof repairs yourself.

Just be sure you’re aware of a few common mistakes people make with foam roof repair, and try to avoid them.

Not taking the proper safety precautions.

Take it from people who know: roofers pay the highest workers’ compensation premiums of any profession, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a dangerous job.

Any time you’re working around heights or ladders, you need to have a friend there to give you a spot. Have your buddy stand at the base of the ladder and hold it still to keep you from slipping. It’s also a good idea to keep your friend on the ground so he or she can watch you work and let you know if you’re getting too close to the edge.

It’s easy to get distracted with the work, and sometimes people don’t notice where they’re stepping.

Finally, you might want to tape off your property so that nobody walks into the “fall zone.” You don’t want a pedestrian being struck in the head if you drop a tool.

Not purchasing enough foam.

If you buy a spray foam roof repair kit from Home Depot, it will come with some foam. But be sure to measure the area that needs repair ahead of time, and check your kit’s packaging to find out how many square feet it will cover.

If you need to repair a large area of the roof, you might have to purchase some extra foam to cover it.

Not thoroughly reading the instructions of your particular foam roof repair kit.

Maybe you’ve done this before. If you read the instructions on your repair kit the first time around and completed the repairs without a problem, it might be tempting to assume you only need to skim it this time.

But each repair kit is a little bit different. Some might require different tools, longer or shorter drying times, or additional steps. Just be sure you’re familiar with the instructions of your repair kit.

Not letting the roof surface dry completely.

Before you make your repairs, you’ll have to clean the roof’s surface. It is very important that you let it get totally dry before you apply the spray foam material.

If you apply the spray foam or coating over a damp area, it will cause gases to form. The gases become blisters that could ruin the entire roof. Trust us when we tell you that this is an expensive problem.

So repair the roof on a warm, sunny day, and let it dry for several hours before you apply the spray foam.

Of course, if you’d rather not take care of these repairs on your own, you can always give us a call. American Foam Experts has been family owned and operated for three generations.

We pride ourselves on quality and service. Give us a call, and we’ll come out for a free estimate.