3 Benefits of Installing Roof Insulation

Building roof systems have grown in popularity over the years, mainly due to its feature of being energy efficient. Many remain unaware that poor roof insulation can add up to 15% of their total energy costs, and 15% more of the carbon footprint you would be depositing. Your home may be functioning well now, but it’s integral to understand the importance of roofing insulation.

Installing one for your home brings about plenty of benefits, as it acts as a protective blanket. Wedged between the roof’s surface and roof deck, the roof insulation reduces the transfer of heat. In warmer climates, it can be used as a cooling technology to reduce the use and costs of air conditioning. For the colder climates, the layer of roof insulation acts as a heat protector during the unbearable cold weather.

No matter where you reside, maintaining the optimal temperature for your home is integral. Here is a simple guide to roof insulation, as well as its many benefits:

The Two Types of Insulation

Cold insulation: It is the cheapest roof insulation, placed over and in between wooden joists. It’s easy to do by yourself, but it only helps prevent the heat from escaping your home.

Warm insulation: This type of roof insulation is directly placed under the roof. It reduces heat losses, making your home remain in relatively cooler temperatures in the summer, or warmer in the winter. This insulation solution requires ventilation, however, especially below the slate roof to avoid condensation build-up.

The Benefits of a Good Roof Insulation

As a homeowner, there are plenty of reasons why you should install roof insulation. Here are some of them:

Benefit #1: Helps you save energy and cost savings

Through an efficient insulation system, you will be able to cut back on costs and energy use. As mentioned, roof insulation helps you prevent cold or heat loss, depending on the climate. The statistics vary, but many owners report that they save as much as 20% every month due to roof insulation.

Benefit #2: Allows for long-term prevention and resistance

Durability is an important aspect of roofing. Harsh conditions and natural elements are indubitable, so your roof must remain able to withstand and protect your home. If a roof is not properly insulated, the rising heat will cause snow on the roof to melt, ultimately leading to ice dams. Ice dams cause moisture and condensation, which will cause permanent damage not only to your roof but the rest of your home.

Remember that your roof foundation serves as the first line of watertight defense against impact, and the next defense is the insulation layer. Installation of roof insulation ensures that your roof and home remain intact, resistant, and durable for years to come.

Benefit #3: Helps you become sustainable

As discussed, insulating your roof is an energy-saving project that helps lower not just your bills, but also your usage. By cutting back on energy use, you’re also helping reduce pollution. Due to the threat of climate change and global warming, it’s important to play your part in saving the environment—getting roof insulation is an effective way!

The Bottom Line

Roof insulation, especially for low slope roofs, is an important matter every homeowner needs to consider. It helps you save on energy costs by constantly regulating your temperature, keeping your home and foundation safe, as well as helping you become sustainable. As you weigh your options, consider all the benefits discussed above.

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