If you own a flat or low pitch roof (Perfect for Eichler and Streng home designs) an American Foam Experts SPF Roofing System is the only way to go. Tar & gravel, Bitumen, Torch Down & Single Ply roofing applications are outdated and mostly illegal in the state of California. (Title 24 in the state of California requires that all roofing materials achieve at least a 70% reflectivity in order to pass Title 24 standards. Although the Title 24 laws are loosely governed, it is still illegal to apply non-reflective material to your new roof, which if inspected at a later date by a government official may cost the homeowner, not the contractor.)

The benefits of an SPF roof:

  1. Your roof is “spray applied”, meaning that your new SPF roof starts out as a liquid and then rises and dries into a solid, seamless, insulating blanket that covers the entire roof surface.
  2. Our applicators can spray the SPF thicker in areas where you may now have standing water or for the even greater purpose of getting the water to the drains. This way, there is a minimal amount of water left on your roof after rain and less possibility of weight damage, further sags and leaks.
  3. We do not use nails, screws, insulation sheets, plastic sheets, caulking or any other external products which cause penetrations to the roof and will back out and become loose. The SPF system is a “self flashing” system which allows for one solid piece rather than individual seams and multiple penetrations which over time will degrade and leak.
  4. An American Foam Experts SPF Roof System is backed by an insured and transferable 15 Year “No Leak” Warranty



In addition to having the peace of mind that there are no leaky seams on your roof and the roof has been applied to the manufacturer's specifications, here are a few other advantages to an American Foam Experts SPF Roof System that no other roof system can provide:


Because your SPF roof system has been applied as one solid, seamless, inch-and-a-half barrier that weighs only 25 lbs. per 100 square feet on its own, it adds structure, not weight. Removing 1,000 square feet of gravel from your roof will reduce the weight above your home by almost 1 Ton.


In the past, the initial cost of an SPF roof was mildly higher than conventional roofing systems and even now, there are less expensive alternatives. However, due to the rising cost of disposal and petroleum based conventional roofing materials, the price of an SPF roof is often times less expensive. In the long term, there is no comparison. With the potential, unlimited lifetime of the SPF roof system along with its insulation value, the roof will many times, pay for itself over the warranty period. If you currently have a conventional, non-reflective roof, it is costing you $$$ every month! The temperature of a non-reflective roof when the outside temperature is 70 degrees can be as high as 140 degrees. The temperature of an American Foam Experts SPF roof can actually be cooler than the external temperature. Call now for your FREE estimate and start saving money today!


An AFE SPF roof will provide your home with a 100% seamless, insulation blanket that can save you up to 50% on your heating and air conditioning bills. (According to the State of California’s “Cool Roof” program there is a 20% reduction of heat transfer to the home by simply painting a Title 24 approved white reflective coating. This does not include the additional insulation value of the SPF roof underneath!)


In 2005, the EPA required all SPF contractors to use emission free chemicals. When your American Foam Experts SPF roof is applied, there is no off-gassing which means there is no harm to humans or animals. When your SPF roof is finished, the final product is permanent and if properly cared for, will never end up in a landfill like most other roofing products. When the SPF application is complete, a final coating of water-based elastomeric paint is applied. This means that there are no emissions radiating from your roof, only reflectivity. (If your roof is non-reflective and petroleum based, it is sending harmful emissions into the atmosphere every time the sun shines!)