Why You Should Use Spray Foam Insulation During the Summer

Many still think that insulation is best only during winter when it’s ice-cold and snowing, and rightfully so, because you want to trap whatever heat you have in your home to stay warm and cozy. But with that, many homeowners ignore the fact that you still need insulation even during the hot summer months. A great option you can choose is spray foam insulation during the summer. 

Although having an AC unit is essential during these warm months, having spray foam insulations can help keep your home cool as well. With that being said, it’s best to work with spray foam roofers to ensure that you get the proper insulation.

Air sealing and insulation are crucial maintenance steps to help maintain comfortable living space. If you’re still iffy about spray foam insulation, read on. Here are several reasons you need spray foam insulation this summer. Let’s get to it!

Reason #1: Keeps You and Your Space Cool

Yes, insulation traps heat in your home during the icy months of winter, but it can also keep your home cool during the scorching months of summer.

When you don’t have the proper insulation in your home during summer, the heat that radiates from the sun will enter your attic and seep into the rest of your home. When that happens, you may feel like you’re living in an oven. 

With spray foam insulation, you’ll block hot air from entering your home, keeping you and your space cool and comfortable.

Reason #2: Keeps Allergens and Bugs Away

Allergies and bugs are at an all-time high during summer, and with that, you want to ensure they stay away from your home. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by installing spray foam insulation in every corner of your home. 

Having an air-tight seal will help protect your home from pollen and allergens, improving indoor air quality. Additionally, by doing this, you’re also preventing bugs and rodents from entering your home.

When you don’t take precautionary steps to prevent rodents and bugs from entering your home, it could lead to other home issues, such as leaking. With that, you allow moisture to build up, creating problems such as mold and a breeding ground for bacteria brought by these pesky rodents

Reason #3: Improve the Durability of Your Walls

During the summer, you may also experience summer storms, tornadoes, and other unexpected events that could pose a threat to your home’s foundation. However, you can beat high winds and heavy rains by providing stability to your home through foam insulation. 

Spray foam insulation works like sturdy glue, providing extra strength for your walls and roof. When you work with spray foam roofers, they can help place spray foam insulation where it’s needed, giving you greater peace of mind knowing that your family is safe from the perils of Mother Nature. 

The Bottom Line: Insulation Doesn’t Only Work for Winter; it’s Also the Key to Having a Cool and Comfortable Summer

These are only a handful of reasons you should get spray foam insulation during the hot summer months. But of course, your family’s safety and comfort are the biggest reasons you should consider working with foam roofers and getting spray foam insulation for your home. 

Need to Keep Yourself Cool This Summer?

There are many reasons you should get spray foam insulation for your home. But seeing that the hot summer months are coming up, this could be the missing puzzle piece to make your home a comfortable haven during the scorching hot months ahead. 

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