The Advantages of SPF Roofing Over Conventional Insulation – What to Know

Business owners are responsible for keeping up with construction trends and industry buzzwords. One thing that cannot be ignored in recent years is using cool roofing technologies. Especially, the advantages of SPF roofing.

Cool roofing is any roofing component utilizing technologies or materials which allow the roof to reflect and control more solar radiation. It has the features of solar reflectance and thermal emittance.

While solar reflectance is the capability for the roof to reflect the solar radiation into the atmosphere, thermal emittance is how the roofing material releases the heat it absorbs. Because of this, cool roofing technologies are considered to be more energy-efficient.

One type of roofing technology being installed today is the spray foam or SPF foam. It is a polyurethane solution made up of two liquid compounds. The liquid compounds are sprayed out of a canister, which then creates a foam and begins to expand. As a result, the applied foam serves as a protection against outdoor elements. 

Below are the advantages of using SPF roofing for your commercial or personal property.

The advantages of SPF roofing

SPF roofing can be such a great investment. Though cool roofing options may be costly at the beginning, it can save your business in the long run due to several benefits. Below are some of the advantages of installing foam roofing:

  • A more comfortable environment: SPF roofing can help your building become cooler. As a result, the office will be more conducive to working. The more comfortable employees are, the more efficient they will be.
  • Lower energy costs: It can take a considerable amount of energy to cool an entire building. With foam roofing, this can substantially reduce energy consumption and thereby minimize energy costs.
  • Longer AC unit lifespan: On a more specific note, this cooling technology can help your AC units to have a lighter workload. As a result, the SPF foaming increases the units’ lifespan.
  • Longer roof lifespan: The same is true for your building’s roofing system. By covering your roof with polyurethane foam, your roof will last longer than usual.

Drawbacks of conventional insulation

Some business owners may opt for conventional insulation due to financial constraints. They would rather add extra insulation in the attic, instead of resorting to foam roofing to reduce their expenses. Though this may appear to be a good idea at first, SPF roofing can still be a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

For one, air leaks due to conventional insulations throughout a building can be such a headache. The typical leaks require enough air to fill two blimps daily. Because the roof has a large surface area relative to the rest of the building, it is one of the prime areas which requires a high level of energy efficiency. Maintaining it, in the long run, can be quite costly for your business.

Final words

SPF roofing can be highly beneficial for your business due to its energy-efficient feature. Consider all of the advantages of SPF roofing when deciding between SPF roofing and conventional insulation. A polyurethane roof covering reduces your energy costs increases your roof’s durability and longevity, and makes a relatively smaller environmental impact. 

If you’re on the lookout for a commercial spray foam roofing contractor to install an SPF roofing system, make sure that you hire professionals. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!