4 Undeniable Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Tanks

During extreme weather conditions, the chance of perishable items spoiling gets higher. If they are stored in a mass storage container or unit, business owners will have to take special precautions to prevent them from spoiling.

Surprisingly, one effective way to do that is to use spray foam insulation tanks to protect the storage containers. If you want to learn more about this unique application and its various benefits, keep reading while we go over what you need to know.

Spray Foam vs Spoilage

Spray foam insulation tanks can successfully prevent spoilage because it can regulate the conditions in the space in which the perishable items are stored. Having exactly the right conditions is crucial in the prevention of perishable items going bad.

Spray foam can limit the effects of the outside conditions and elements on the items that are stored in the unit. It can protect the items from the effects of rain, snow, heat, and humidity, which can all have adverse effects on the overall quality of the products.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Tanks

Using spray foam insulation tanks provide undeniable benefits, especially when it comes to the storage of perishable items. Here are some of the advantages of using foam insulation in storage units.

1. Moisture and Dust Control

Moisture can cause perishable items to rot if it is allowed to infiltrate a storage unit. Storage units may have small nooks and crannies that may allow heat, dust, and other sediments to get in. Spray foam gets in between these small spaces and cracks and stops these contaminants from getting in. 

2. Temperature and Humidity Regulation

Temperature and humidity are two other factors that can affect the quality of perishable goods. Extreme heat can cause the goods to spoil fairly quickly. Humid weather can also do a number on their protective containers. If they are stored in tin cans, humidity can cause rust to form and possibly contaminate the products. Spray foam insulation tanks can help to regulate temperature. 

3. Waste Reduction

The more perishables spoil in a storage facility, the more waste it will have to deal with. Using foam insulation will ensure that the conditions inside the storage facility will stay constant and reduce the likelihood of perishable items becoming rotten. The layer of foam insulation will ensure that all the unwanted elements will stay out of the storage unit and away from the perishable goods. 

4. Better Products

Because the insulation layer will ensure that the conditions in the storage facility will be constant, products will remain of better quality while inside storage. Some products that require fermentation will also benefit from the controlled environment foam insulation can help create. For example, fine wines will taste better for longer if placed in a storage unit that uses spray foam insulation tanks.


Using foam insulation in your facility will help create the ideal environment for the storage of perishable goods. Foam insulation is not restricted to just roofing; it can be used in walls and storage tanks to minimize waste and spoilage. In a nutshell, foam insulation can greatly increase the shelf life of perishable products.

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