4 Things to Consider Before Installing An SPF Roofing System

For over five years, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) has been a part of many roofing systems. In a single application, it offers insulation and waterproofing for many homes.

Today, SPF roofing systems have increased in popularity as home and business owners have come to realize their benefits. If you’re deciding to hire an installation service, here are four considerations before doing so:

1. Select a Qualified and Experienced Contractor

To install SPF roofing systems properly, you don’t need a large team, but you do need one with technical knowledge and experience. Working with SPF requires precision and understanding in handling the chemicals involved in the process. Who you hire is essential in ensuring that the installation process is done correctly.

Misapplication can mean that you lose out on the benefits. Signs of a poorly installed SPF roofing system includes blistering of SPF layers due to bad weather, poorly prepared substrates, or equipment issues.

2. Consider the Weather for SPF Roofing System

The weather can affect the overall quality of the spray foam roofing. Applying foam when there is frost, ice, moisture or dampness visible on the surface won’t allow the SPF to stick. Adverse weather conditions can also lead to interlaminar blistering in the foam itself. On a windy day, there is a risk of over spraying, forcing the contractors to set up wind barriers to preserve the quality of the foam roofing.

As a result, the contractors will want to avoid installing it during harsh weather conditions. Good weather is when it is warm and dry & without any wind. This type of weather will give contractors the best chances of installing the foam roofing correctly.

3. Defend Against Overspraying

SPF is a lightweight material, the slightest breeze can blow away the foam during the spraying process. Fortunately, there is no health risk from the spraying, but it can be annoying for surrounding properties, as the foam will stick to any surface it comes into contact with. Not only is over-spraying complicated, but removing it is time-consuming.

With this, contractors usually have overspray protection set up before starting the application process. It’s important to find an SPF roofing system contractor who has experience.

4. Consider the Fumes

The foam used in the application may not be detrimental to health, but it can emit powerful odors while it cures. Because curing takes time, your spray foam roofing contractor will have to take precautions, such as turning off and covering air-handling units.

By doing this, contractors prevent any possible odors from entering a household or workplace.

If you’re on the lookout for a commercial spray foam roofing contractor to install an SPF roofing system, make sure that you hire professionals. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!