A Modern Homeowner’s Choice: 3 Benefits of Spray Foam

Homeowners need to constantly improve their building materials due to everyday wear and tear. Since every renovation can affect the building’s sustainability, it’s best to use durable and reliable options that demand lesser replacements and inconveniences. For this reason, many modern homeowners are switching to the alternative of spray foam roofing.

Roofing systems experience all forms of environmental damage. Besides the everyday impact of harsh sunlight, dirt, dust, and other forms of debris can chip and wear it down. The environmental damage makes it necessary to reinforce roofing systems with supplementary materials. Doing so will minimize instances of cracks, water damage, and other structural complications.

How Effective is Spray Foam Roofing?

Spray polyurethane foam is applied by being sprayed on substances equally through an application gun. It’s an excellent solution for all structural applications affecting industrial maintenance and even cold storage industries. Its general use for residential properties is to provide effective soundproofing, waterproofing, and electrical insulation. Besides its benefits, homeowners opt to reinforce their homes with spray foam roofing for other advantages.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons modern homeowners use spray foam roofing:

Easier, Convenient Installation

Traditional roofing systems typically require lots of supplementary tools for installations, driving up the price. Termination metal, rubber sheets, different strengths of metals, and other custom-fitting techniques are necessary. Thankfully, spray foam roofing is a logistically smoother process.

Spray urethane foam is applied by being heated and transferred through a mixing gun, making it easy to install with no screws or adhesives necessary. A professional SPFA applicator uses the mixing gun to blend chemicals and release the foam material. The process only takes a few hours and a handful of people to complete. 

Spray Foam Roofing Can Reduce Energy Costs

Spray urethane foam is a diverse solution to many structural concerns. It’s a great way to reduce energy usage by effectively eliminating seals and holes. Since it’s fluid-applied, it has a greater chance of filling in microscopic holes that allow air to pass through.

Air transfer inside and outside a structure is an R-value. It dictates an object’s capacity to withstand hot and cold air transfers. The higher the R-value, the greater resistance a material has against heat and cold airflow. Thankfully, spray polyurethane foam has a compelling value of 6.5 for every inch of thickness. Compared to traditional solutions, this is the most effective insulation option. 

Since you’re dealing with fewer inefficiencies in insulation and airflow regulation, your HVAC system effectively uses less energy. During harsh weather seasons, expect lower energy costs as a result. 

Foam Roofing Doesn’t Require Tear-Off Solutions

Unlike traditional roofing solutions, spray urethane foam doesn’t demand an overhaul of roofing systems. The spray urethane foam can go over existing commercial roofing. Besides a smoother installation process, it also keeps the general structure of your building’s roof. Only severely damaged parts of your roof will need repairing or removing, while the rest can stay reinforced with spray urethane foam.


The development of better building solutions will continue to develop in the following years. For this reason, homeowners must be aware of modern products and service offers in the market that will work to their advantage. Your home will have a long-term solution that promotes overall energy efficiency and limits structural inconveniences by investing in spray foam roofing.

At American Foam Experts, we can give your home the modern roofing treatment it needs. We use the best SPF Roofing technology to make your home energy-efficient with improved indoor air quality. If you need spray urethane foam solutions for your home, contact us today!