Why Recoating a Foam Roof is Essential in Protecting Your Home

Is recoating a foam roof necessary? Absolutely. 

One of the best roofing solutions available on the market today is foam. Not only does it drastically improve the insulation of a building, but it is also easy to install and helps reduce electrical bills. However, maintaining and recoating a foam roof are still required to perform efficiently. 

For example, foam roofs will require recoating after, even if it might not appear necessary. That is because foam roofs slowly deteriorate without showing any immediate signs. If done too late, the recoating job will be a lot more costly and will not last as long.

Consequences of Not Maintaining a Foam Roof 

When you do not maintain a foam roof, it will deteriorate a lot quicker. Some of the things that can happen can include dark spots on the roof from tiny pits. These small pits are areas where the foam has slowly worn out. While these can easily be fixed by recoating a foam roof, ignoring them will only make them get worse. As the sun’s UV rays hit these pits, they will grow larger to the point that caulk will not fix them. This diminishes the foam roof’s performance, which can also lead to leaks. 

If the roof has already started leaking, it is too late to fix the problem. The only way to solve this is with a costly full roof replacement.

Recoating a Foam Roof

 There is no reason not to maintain your roof. Even though a foam roof requires more maintenance than other roofing solutions, it is still relatively easy. For example, you can sweep the roof occasionally to improve its longevity significantly.

When it comes to recoating a foam roof, you should first know when it is the right time to do so. If you are recoating a foam roof on your own, make sure the weather is no lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Any lower than that will cause your recoating to not set properly and possibly freeze up. If the weather’s too hot, the recoat will set too quickly, preventing you from achieving an even coating. As such, aim for 65 degrees or slightly higher, when temperatures are nice and cool, for a perfect recoating job. 

Also, do not try to do this alone. Recoating a foam roof is a challenging project to take on all by yourself. Have someone else help you. That way, one person can be responsible for applying the recoat while the other person can flatten the application for a smooth and even finish.


There is no hiding the fact that foam roofing can be expensive and comparatively harder to maintain than other roofing solutions. However, it offers some of the best insulative properties available and is quite durable. In the long run, you will save plenty of costs from your energy bill, as you can enjoy a cool and comfortable internal environment.

That being said, remember to work with a professional if you are unsure how to maintain or install foam roofing. They will be equipped with the latest know-how and equipment to effectively do the job, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

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