5 Ways You Can Save Money With Industrial Foam Roofing

In this article, we will share five valuable ways industrial foam roofing can save you money. Industrial facilities must always perform optimally because the slightest problem in the facility, specifically on a roof, can cost the facility and business time and money. To avoid this from happening, you need to ensure that your roof can withstand harmful elements and extreme weather conditions. Because of this, many business owners end up exploring foam roofing solutions. 

Foam roofing uses Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), which is a form of plastic that goes from liquid to solid quickly. As it dries, it increases in volume 30 times. With that, it makes it a cost-effective and sustainable roofing option, especially for industrial facilities that can’t afford any slight operational delay. 

Industrial Foam Roofing Helps Prevent Leaks

In any industrial facility, a leaking roof is not something that anyone wants to deal with. For this reason, ensure your roof can keep the water outside by using SPF to prevent leaks from taking place. SPF application uses a unique spray roof gun that makes it easy to fill in cracks and crevices, leaving no room for water to escape.

Industrial Foam Roofing Helps Save More On Energy Costs

Thanks to modern advancements, having an SPF installed adds a solid layer of insulation to the surface of the roof. As a result, the roof will be able to pay for itself over time. Also, with the controlled indoor temperature, you can significantly reduce your energy costs. 

Industrial Foam Roofing Keeps Your Roof In Place

When you apply spray foam on your roof, you can guarantee that the roof will stay in place no matter the circumstance. Also, it doesn’t matter where it’s applied because SPF is built to last for many years, as long as it’s maintained properly with professional services. 

Industrial Foam Roofing Saves More On Roof Removal And Landfill Fills

Did you know that SPF may be applied to existing roofs? This will easily help you save more money. Imagine having to pay for roof removal and landfill fees because you want a more substantial roof? That will put a big hole in your budget. However, with SPF solutions, you don’t have to worry about additional costs because you don’t need to have your existing roof removed. Once sprayed, it is impenetrable and also chemically resistant!

Industrial Foam Roofing Helps You Save More Money On Maintenance

The best thing about SPF roofs is that it only requires minimum maintenance and you can still look forward to over 50 years’ lifespan. Yet, you must still opt for preventative maintenance and restorative coating for your roof. Typically, it must be inspected at least twice a year—once in spring and once in fall. In the case that there have been damages to the roof, additional inspections may be recommended to maintain its integrity. 


At this point, you now know that SPF roofing is a viable option for industrial facilities, especially if you’re looking for ways to save more money. Similarly, roof issues can be detrimental to your operations, which is why you need to invest in quality roofing material to ensure that it will last for a long time. Moreover, SPF roofing options only require minimal maintenance, so you won’t have to worry much about it as long as you have it maintained regularly!

If you need spray foam done to your roof, the experts at American Foam Experts specialize in SPF applications and offer top-quality products that are backed with a 15-year warranty. Get in touch with us today for a quote!