Foam Roofs Advice 101: How to Fix a Hole in a Spray Foam Roof

Is is possible to get a puncture or hole in a spray foam roof?

Whatever roof system you have, whether it’s made of metal, single-ply, or built-up, they are all prone to getting holes or punctures. But if you own a building, of course, you’d want to use the material for your roof that would last a long time, right?

In comes spray foam roofs, although not completely indestructible, they do have a few perks up their sleeves. So if you’re wondering if spray foams get holes, how to get them repaired, or if you can get a warranty along with installation, keep reading!

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know if you see a puncture or hole in a spray foam roof.

How does a spray foam roof get a hole?

Fortunately, although they sound pretty weak, spray foam roofs are pretty strong and usually have a compression strength of 60 pounds per square inch. If you’re unsure how strong that is, imagine the pegs your refrigerator sits on; that’s how strong spray foam roofs are. 

So to puncture or get a hole in a spray foam roof, you’ll need a really sharp object to penetrate through it. Some of these objects could be a sharp branch, dropped tools, nails, or other sharp materials. 

What happens when there is a hole in a spray foam roof?

When you think about your roof getting a hole or crack, the first thing you’ll probably think of is that you’ll probably get a leak. Fortunately, if you get your spray foam roof repaired immediately, you won’t have to deal with leaks from holes and cracks. 

When we say repairing your spray foam roof immediately, we mean within the window of 6 months. This is because, after 6 months, the water inside the hole will deteriorate the foam. 

A hole in a spray foam roof won’t cause a leak because spray polyurethane foam is a closed-cell, meaning if there’s a hole, the liquid will only sit inside the hole and won’t travel anywhere else.

To prevent your spray foam roof from reaching deterioration from holes you’re probably unaware of, it’s best to have a routine maintenance program for your roof. Working with expert spray foam roofers will ensure that all damage is identified and fixed for your safety. 

How do you fix a hole in a spray foam roof?

If you find a puncture or hole in a spray foam roof, the first thing you’ll want to do is to cut around the area with a knife. After that, you’ll need a towel and heating element to dry off the area. Finally, expert roofers will then fill the area with silicone or caulk coating and smoothen the area.

The process sounds relatively easy; however, it’s best to ask for assistance from reputable foam roofers to help you get this job done.

What happens if I don’t repair the hole in a spray foam roof?

As mentioned earlier, you have about 6 months to have your foam roof repaired before it starts to deteriorate. If you happen to forget to have your roof repaired, water may eventually break down the foam. This is because the damaged area is exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors. 

Although your spray foam roof may keep up for a few years, it’s best to have your roof regularly maintained by expert roofers so that it could last for more extended periods. 


If you’re thinking of giving your building a roof upgrade, consider getting spray foam roofs for your establishment. Aside from it being strong, it’s incredibly cost-efficient and practical. With regular maintenance and repairs done by expert foam roofers, you’re guaranteed a strong spray foam roof that will protect anyone who’s under it. 

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