Consider SPF Insulation For Your Cold Storage Roof

Running a smooth operation is a combination of maintaining streamlined processes and keeping your facilities in check. Since disruptions on either front can lead to considerable losses, you must eliminate inconveniences affecting managerial and structural variables. For this reason, it’s necessary to assess the material quality of your buildings.

Processing plants and distribution centers need effective insulation solutions to regulate proper interior environments. This is why it’s important to look for materials that contain good vapor blocking, thermal resistance, and effective insulation around your structures. One innovative solution is to apply spray polyurethane foam to keep adequate interior conditions, especially when handling delicate materials.

Applying Spray Polyurethane Foam to Cold Storage Roofs

Spray polyurethane foam solutions are the latest roofing technology, providing plenty of structural benefits targeted for commercial applications. In fact, even NASA uses spray polyurethane foam for space shuttle fuel tanks. As a versatile insulation material, it offers plenty of advantages that affect several aspects of your business.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons you should invest in spray foam insulation

Increased Thermal Regulation

Refrigerated warehouses need to maintain a constant temperature between -40F and 50F. This applies to different perishables, from poultry, dairy, and other food items. Since this preparation and storage in these facilities is essential for maintaining product quality, these plants need to keep the precise temperature and humidity levels in different rooms.

Keeping processed goods well-refrigerated is a standard requirement for food processing plants. Failure to observe this can lead to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) violations which can call for consumer lawsuits. Thankfully, Spray foam insulations can provide superior insulation and flexibility without expensive installation and maintenance costs.

Polyurethane foam provides an effective thermal resistance barrier to mitigate ice build-up by trapping moisture and vapor movement. This is why it’s commonly used for traditional refrigerators. It’s a level of temperature control that also prevents mold growth.

Spray Foam Has Great R-Value

In terms of insulation capacity, just a single inch of closed foam is equivalent to over seven to eight inches of wood. This is because polyurethane foam’s R-value is significantly higher than timber products. Additionally, spray foam roofing is a more reliable solution for eliminating leaks, holes, and gaps.

Over time, roofing material can face different forms of wear and tear. Unfortunately, even minuscule holes penetrating through your interiors can lead to ventilation and insulation issues. Thankfully, spray foam insulation is a closed-cell treatment. This means water and air cannot pass vertically through foam-applied surfaces.

Spray Foam Offers Cheap Installation and Maintenance

Cold storage facilities, in particular, require plenty of capital to set up. Since cold storage equipment can be quite a purchase, it’s tough to look for other areas to cut down on expenses. Thankfully, spray foam roofing offers a more sustainable and affordable insulation solution.

Most roofing systems just take ten years for an expensive cost, usually 80,000 dollars or more. However, spray foam is easy to install and recoat without compromising its insulation properties. This is because losing mils of coating doesn’t compromise its R-value, making it a renewable and sustainable roofing system.


If you want to reinforce your facilities’ structural integrity, it’s best to consider spray polyurethane foam as your ideal roofing solution. However, it still requires proper installation from experts before you can receive its many benefits. Unlike traditional roofing materials, professionals must apply it with the right tools for a uniform and effective installation.

At American Foam Experts, we can give your facilities the proper installation procedures to receive spray foam roofing effectively. We use the best in SPF Roofing technology to keep your indoor conditions safe for your business processes. If you need commercial foam roofing solutions for your facilities, contact us today!